Addressing the needs of Pharmaceutical R&D


Educe Global Inc. (EGI) has a unique approach to addressing critical areas of pharmaceutical R&D through associating with some of the most experienced and reputable Consultants in the Pharmaceutical R&D space. We develop Software Products that complement the consultancy and empower R&D scientists with tools to solve their most pressing challenges.

The company is headquartered in the US, and has a highly focused business plan to address the needs of R&D in the pharmaceutical Industry. With team members originally from the UK & US pharmaceutical industry as well as the USFDA, EGI is uniquely positioned to support the industry and provides a blend of knowledge from both the US and European Pharmaceutical Industry, taking into consideration the key perspectives of the FDA.

Our team has years of expertise in Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls (CMC), Quality by Design (QbD), IVIVC, and Regulatory Strategy giving EGI a competitive edge to address the bottlenecks that are faced by companies and also help them to solve their issues efficiently.

With such a vast knowledge base available, EGI has also embarked upon developing software tools to address the R&D space. Our software products are engineered in such a way that they are unique, user-friendly and efficient to enable the scientists to utilize them during laboratory study, thereby helping them to solve their complex problems quickly and without recourse to other specialist expertise. IVIVC, Dissolution and Pharmacokinetics software are some of our current offerings.

We believe in engaging with your scientific & managerial team over the long term so that we can form relationships with your staff to ensure that maximum benefit to them is obtained from the consultancy and, if required, the use of the software. A consistent training alongside consultation on their actual issues always proves better and more effective than typical classroom training.

EGI's unique blend of diverse expertise and software tools supports you in achieving your R&D objectives in an efficient manner.

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