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A software solution for formulation development in which in vitro dissolution and in vivo plasma concentration data are Systematically Analyzed to Predict in vivo profile of a New Formulation and Optimize in vitro Dissolution Conditions.

Salient Features:

  • In vitro - in vivo Relationship (IVIVR) for a single batch
  • Dissolution Mechanistic Models Evaluation
  • Comparison of Dissolution Profiles using f1 & f2
  • MSD – Parametric Method to Compare Dissolution batches
  • Levy plot
  • In vivo Prediction based on IVIVRs
  • In vitro Prediction based on IVIVR
  • Deconvolution using Numeric, Wagner-Nelson and Loo-Riegelman methods
  • Numeric Convolution
  • Ease of data plotting for visualization
  • Mathematical in vivo Simulation
  • Transportability of data to Excel, Word & PDF
  • Software as well as Trial level Preferences
  • Reports
  • Automate analysis flow and data management