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A Software Solution that helps to establish an IVIVC between in vitro dissolution and in vivo plasma concentration time profile. This Software allows the prediction of in vivo Plasma Concentration time profile from in vitro dissolution which could be used to obtain in vivo Bioavailability Waivers and Set Dissolution Specifications.

Salient Features:

  • Establishing in vitro in vivo correlation
  • Setting Dissolution Specifications [For Target Vitro & Vivo]
  • Biowaiver [In-Vivo prediction for Batch Before & After Change]
  • Deconvolution using Numeric, Wagner-Nelson and Loo-Riegelman methods
  • Numeric Convolution using different Methods
  • Cross Validation of IVIVC
  • Cross Validation of Biowaiver Batches
  • Levy plot and additional plots
  • Dissolution profile comparison using f1 & f2
  • Project Management
  • Software as well as Trial level Preferences
  • Trial level Preferences / Wizard helps you to alter parameters as well options and perform calculations in one click go
  • Ease of data plotting for visualization
  • Transportability of Input-Output data as well as Graphs to Excel, Word & PDF
  • Reports
  • Automate analyses flow and data management