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A Software Solution for Compartmental & Noncompartmental PK Analysis of Drug & Metabolite Concentration in Blood as well as Urine for Non-clinical & Clinical Study

Salient Features:

  • Compartmental & Noncompartmental Single and Multiple Dose Analysis
  • Dose Proportionality Evaluation
  • Special Population (renal, hepatic, elderly, gender) PK and Statistical Analysis
  • Concentration and PK Parameter Tabulation
  • Statistical Analysis of Concentration-Time data and PK Parameters
  • Bioequivalence Module
  • Replicated Crossover Study Design
  • Sample Size Calculation for Bioequivalence Evaluation
  • Superposition: Simulating Multi-dosing data using Single-dosing data
  • Urinary Excretion Analysis
  • High quality Graphic Capability
  • Ease of Data Plotting for Visualization
  • Transportability of data to Excel, Word & PDF
  • Reports
  • Automate Analyses Flow and Data Management
  • Validation Kit